Client: Penny Furthing
Location: N2 South Bound
Scope of work: Routine Road Maintenance On National Route 2
Completion date: 10/28/2014
Capital costs: R14 200 000.00


Ukhasi Construction was appointed by Sanral through Penny Furthing the main contractor in order to carry out our road repairs on some sections of N2 South Bound as and when required over a period of two years.


Maintenance of the freeway is made up of the following scope

  • Survey, evaluate, determine, and verify the existing conditions within the designated project work area.
  • Work closely with the Sanral staff to coordinate traffic detours and traffic control.
  • Sanral shall provide final approval of the traffic control plan prior to executing the work.
  • Prepare the site, traffic signage, and secure the area from public access for the duration of the work.
  • Saw cut and remove the existing asphalt paving in the area as designated in the contract drawings.
  • Re-compact the existing base material to 95% compaction.
  • Should the failure only affect the surface, then a slurry seal is applied.